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Hello everybody,
this is my first post for my first automated robot in Studio X
I have an Excel File with more than hundred of lines and each line is part of a posting file in SAP.
If I take for each excel row I have the activity Type into CurrentRow Amount , this amount has the following type 123,43 but in SAP I receive 123.43 which leads to an error.
I already tried it with Project_Notebook and other solutions but it doesnt work.

Could you please give me a hint ?
thank you ! kr

Hi @christian1 ,

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what exactly is the format you want to be entered in SAP if you want something like 12343 only instead of 123,43 then use can use replace like, currentrow(“columnName”).tostring.replace(“,”,“”)


Hello ,

my base data in Excel is for example 100,50 but in the activity type into the value changes automatically from 100,50 to 100.50 , but in Germany we have our digits with “,” instead of a point
thank you

So if the value is changing when writing in SAP you can simply change the format of amount by going to SAP Settings and including the desired format there.


You can find some starter help here


Thank you very much for your effort !
I have in SAP the correct settings, so I think SAP is only the receiving area.
I think the problem is that Excel is sending a Text String or something and not a formatted value ?

Try with


sorry, that also doesnt work - the problem is between Excel and Studio X , because when I leave SAP out and insert a Messagbox Activity I receive also the result with . instead of ,

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