Form extractor not extracting the whole form! please help

Hi All,

I am at the specialized AI Course in the DU Module, i am having difficulty extracting the KYC Form through the Form Extractor, here is my whole completed workflow, Kindly help i am stuck, if you need to populate the queue i have mentioned the documents as well (151.3 KB) (3.4 MB) (7.6 MB)

@ppr @Anil_G @supermanPunch @Gokul001 @Palaniyappan @postwick

as you can see i have a pdf which contains 3 pages in which account opening form and kyc form

Hi @Jai_Pande ,

When using the Form Extractor, we would need to remember that we are extracting the fields for a Single Document type.

So when configuring the Extractors we would need to choose only the Pages relevant to that type of document.

Yes i know that bro …but in my pdf there are multiple pages

@Jai_Pande ,

Split it and keep it separate for each document type and then perform the Template Import for each of the Document type.

@supermanPunch okay by spliiting you mean using intelligent keyword classifier because i am using one