Form doesn't update a grid build on a data table from Read Range activity

Thanks @loginerror.

This is a possible workaround and in my opinion, might be a better alternative that can be controlled external to the Robot as opposed to the option of adding code inside the Robot to convert the source DataTable from “Object” to “primitive”.

Personally, I would avoid this conversion unless absolutely necessary because the Robot has to have knowledge of the mappings between the incoming Object datatype and its primitive counterpart.

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I suppose, given the input is excel data, you could quite safely map all data table columns with objects to another data table with strings.

Yep! That is how I build DataTables instead of using the Build DataTable Activity. I have a generic sequence that contains VB code that accepts a string of column names as input and returns a datatable as output. All input columns are considered as String. I maintain the list of CSV column names in the config.xlsx file.

This keeps changes to my Robot code minimal.



I have 2 questions about this. I am using Create Form Task, and send the tasks to orchestrator, the project is about sending the tasks (100), and then get all the tasks from orchestrator and see the human changes one by one. What activity can i use to recover all the orchestrator tasks and see the contents of each one individually?

Other question, and I leave my topic here (How to Edit Inserted Table in Action Center - #4 by paras.gera), I insert a table into task form, but my problem is that i cannot edit the table contents in actions, the table fields are blocked. Can you help?