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Hello, I am new in Uipath, I have an issue about form design in regards to date and time. I noticed that date changed after adding another line

I want to upload sample file showing the issue but it looks like the system wont allow me saying that new user cannot upload file…

Hi @Quiel_Dalmacio,
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You should be able to add file now. Please try.

Hello Pawel thanks for quick response… I tried still getting an error. May be I need to logoff. Will logoff and login and will try again after… Thanks

sample attached



Thanks for sharing this. I think it might be a bug. Can you zip your project and send it so I could check it on my end?

Here we go… thanksExample.7z (1.1 MB)

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I meant project - your process you have presented in this clip. So I could open it in my Studio and check :slight_smile:

Yes I will a bit later as I am the middle of finishing something. Thanks

Hello Good Day… actually the issue was raised by one of my team but can’t send me the project. Is there any way you can duplicate the form renderer as it looks like with the sample I sent Thank you

I will try and let you know as soon as possible.

Thanks a lot

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I tried to replicate it but everything works fine on my end. I’m pretty sure something is wrong in the project or this datatable which are used in your example have something to do with it. Without this project it is hard to me to check what’s wrong.

Thank you very much for the update. Can you do me a favor to send the screen picture of the screen showing the date didn’t change when you add the new data? Thank you in advance.

Thank you.


When change one of the date, is it change all the date you previously added.
Say, the first date you added 2020-02-03, then you add a new date like 2021-02-10. the date you previously added 2020-02-03 is it change to 2021-02-10? Thanks

Everything seems to work fine:

Hello, Pablito Thank you so much for the update. Is there any extra step you did from the form designer process? Thanks

Further, As I am new in the uipath, can you let me know the steps you when you replicated the issue . It works from your side. Again thank you for your help.