For UiPath Ai Fabric, if we are going for AI Robot Pro (GPU licensing), do we need to have Orchestrator server also GPU enabled?

Hi Team,

for AI Farbic, we are going with AI Robot Pro which is GPU enabled then do we need have GPU enabled on orchestrator server as well?

Please help here

You are going with AI Robot Pro on Cloud right? AI Fabric and Orchestrator are two different infrastructure so there is no need for a GPU on Orchestrator side.

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@Jeremy_Tederry thanks for the reply.

the orchestrator is hosted on on-premise server, now if we are going for procurement of AI Robot Pro (which is AI robot + GPU enabled) but now we require GPU for On- Premise AI Fabric and it have no relation with orchestrator on premise server right?

@Jeremy_Tederry do we need to set up separate server for Ai Fabric ?