For start-up company: how to buy in order to resell UiPath licenses for 1st company client?

I’m aware that main target for UiPath is on enterprises or tech old companies with lot of clients.
But how a start-up company (2023) with no clients can build and sell UiPath robots to a specific market or another?
More precisely, how to buy in order to resell UiPath licenses for 1st company client?

Steps. Tutorial. Ideas ?

Thanks but the question is not about learning UiPath.
After learning, how to do business with - this is one of the question:

how to get licenses in order to resell when you get first customer - for example ?

Thank you, @anon87560229.
Can I ask you refrain yourself for further comments, please?


So to start with…you can take any use case and build a generic bot for it or build few activities which are commonly used and sell the bots or activity packages…which you can upload on marketplace for UiPath as well if you have components and you get paid.There you can upload bots and separate components whatever you build…

The use cases can be anything…may be something like where a company has multiple stores and every moth reports needs to be generated in power bi by loading data from all…and email needs to be sent to employees canculating their incwntives…we can have a defined stricture…prepare and app and abot and can be sold or kept on market place

Now coming to license part …you cannot distribute license from your side…

May be you can try buying some remote machine and run their processes on yours if your clients are ready to expose their data to your bots or servers

Hope this helps


@Anil_G , so your idea is to buy licenses on my company name - and sell services which include automation+robot. Is it legal, from UiPath point of view?

This is not a question for the forums. This is a discussion you should be having with UiPath directly.

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Yes …so if you are hosting the service and bots are yours…you can do it…

What you cannot is to see the license from your side…

You can create bots sell them or host and run them on your servers


You need your own licence to develop. The Business user will need their own unattended licence to run the automation. Unless you are a UiPath Partner you cannot sell a UiPath licence on their behalf and must refer them to the sales team of UiPath for them to sort that part out.

The standard way of working for a consultancy, in my experience, is for the client to purchase both a developer and production (unattended) licence. You then connect to their orchestrator and use their developer licence to build the automation.

It is possible you use your own licence for these purposes but this will add overhead as you cannot connect to their orchestrator so pushing packages and testing will be harder.

@Anil_G, @Jon_Smith
your comments enlight me.

On the other hand, I’ve already contacted UiPath for Business partner details but I do not expect much promptitude / solutions being the scale of a start-up business. Honestly, I don’t like the idea of just driving clients to them for buying licenses out of any comission (which is, by the way, yearly renewable).

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As a startup I do not believe UiPath will make you a partner to resell.
I work for a Gold Partner and you need to do quite alot to get that status that I do not see a startup achieving. Its more for mid to large size companies.

You cannot make any commission on UiPath licences. You just have to accept that UiPath own that right, not you.

@Jon_Smith, thanks for sharing your practical experience. In these conditions, with UiPath being so exclusive, why start-ups would not be tempted to look in different directions, like Microsoft Power Automate or OpenAI Robots etc. ? Just asking…


Even with power automate i believe its the same case…it is tied to the organization…and you can export or import to multiple organizations


Because I do not think Microsoft would also allow you to resell their licences.
UiPath is the market leader in RPA for a reason and carefully vet who they allow to resell to ensure a quality sale. That can not be sustained if anyone can resell.

I personally find it odd you find it strange you cannot sell someone elses software and services and expect to take a cut without a formal agreement with them.

@Jon_Smith, a formal agreement is perfectly right… but if they don’t offer you such solution?! One thing is to sell formal licenses and another thing is to sell services / automations- which, 100 % agree, they need to stand for quality.

In the end, if I can sell robots build with UiPath and host on my remote machines… solved the problem. Do they control any quality of implementation with this approach?! Nope. That’s why, making a case to sell formal licenses is just not usefull.

Ok, I disagree.

I think UiPath is making the correct move not allowing reselling their licences without becoming a partner and having a strict process for reselling.

The licences are expensive and clients must be accurately advised on what they need and what they can expect etc. I do not believe any startup can just do that, you must get trained and vetted. If you go through that difficult process and get certified then you can resell, so there is a solution, its just one that it sounds like you cannot achieve right now. Grow your business large enough to be worth it for UiPath to invest in you and you can resell, as we do.

@Jon_Smith, it’s an interesting point of view. Thanks!