For-loop ui interaction

I am automating a reserve release process within an oracle erp, and the first iteration of my loop is functioning correctly; however, upon its second iteration, when the process tries to move to an adjacent tab, the loop is unable to and it breaks. Does anybody have an idea why this happens after one run-through but not on the initial one?

HI @csewall3

What’s the error that you get when the process tries to move to the other tab? Can you share the error information so that it will be easy for us to check and figure out what needs to be done.

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The error message is that uipath cannot find the element in the panel that i accessed before. My workflow involves closing this window for each iteration of the loop. Would that be contributing to the problem?

That could be causing the problem. So in the first iteration, you may be having the window open and ready for the robot to use. So your selectors will look for the elements and find them because the window is open. However, if you close the window after one iteration, and if its not available when the robot checks for certain elements in the next iteration, it will throw errors. You got to make sure the screen is getting back to its required screen after each iteration if you have any tasks that require changing of screens time to time.

For example, say your screen 1 is the main screen and within the process it needs to navigate to screen 2 and 3

1st iteration
Starts with screen one, goes to screen 2 and then 3 - First iteration complete
2nd iteration
Now, your screen is in screen 3, so your activities start to fail because it can’t find the elements in screen 1 because you did not set it back to screen 1 at the end of the loop

So your loop should be
Iteration 1
Screen 1 -> Screen 2 -> screen 3 -> screen1
Iteration 2
since you set the screen back to 1, this will work without any issue

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Hello! I have my first iteration of my loop working correctly, the second iteration works up until I query the order number. In a normal iteration the automation would tab over from order information to line items; however, this command doesn’t work after the initial pass through. DO you have any work around for this?


Hi @csewall3

Sorry for the late reply… Can you share the two selectors that you get for the two tabs “Order Information” and “Line Items”.

Share the selectors like this…

  1. I need the selector it generates just before the iteration starts
  2. Once the first run ends, I need the selector that it generates in the next run…

I’m wondering whether there are any values that change time to time…


Are you clicking on the tab “Line Items”? On oracle, whenever possible i use keyboard shortcuts.
Maybe, when you open this window for the second time, your selector changed, get this selector and compare with your first selector(that works).
I’ve seen cases where the selector added an extra space and damaged the entire selector - like “A B” -> “A B”. Every check is valid :sweat_smile:

You can pass this selector and errors to us?