UIPath can't find element at nth iteration

I’m going through a table with many rows. I have the program click on each row and opening the detail page. There it has to perform an action, after which it will go back to the page with the table and does this again.

Now, the program works fine. It goes full circle, sometimes it goes through many rows, but sometimes it gets stuck, because it cannot find an element for unknown reason. The element is visbile on the screen and not changed from what is programmed. Also, when the program is restarted, it simply moves along the same element and performs like it should, or gets stuck on somewhere it previously went past without problems.

Is there something I can do in terms of error handling for this?

Try setting DelayAfter/Before with a test interval (500ms-800ms) in the activity involved with row Element Detection.
This kind of interactios should be handled with REFramework to have a recover method in case of process a row fails. Robot could restart and retake work from latest row.

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