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In for each activity what is an “item” means, is it a iteration number? what is the inialvalue of item . Started learning newly,so getting so many doubts.please explain me.

If your have Array of Strng names ArrSring1 as {“ABC”,“DEF”,“GHI”}

Here if you are doing For each in ArrString1, it will loop three times.

On First loop, item =“ABC”
On Second loop, item =“DEF”
On Third loop, item =“GHI”

To learn more about For Each activity, refer the below link

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Hi , I am trying write a program using do while and For each ,guessing the number to take chances of 5. Missing some logic. Can anyone help on this plz.
my code is

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>True[number][new Random().next(1,3)][guess]TrueFalseTrue[guess]TrueFalseTrueFalseTrueFalse


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This thread you can able to take idea


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