Errors while using for each to read my array

Hi Everyone, i’ve got a problem that when i used for each activity to read the content of my array to put the data into my variable, i did it successfully but i 've got a weird message for UiPath.
The following pic is the content after using for each and as you can see it had three data inside the array. After i assign the content i had to the variable i want to send with line notify, all i’ve got us just one data form the content. Is there anything i can do for retrieving all the content from the array without any errors?

Message: Type Pack PDF name: Could not find the UI element corresponding to this selector:



Can you show how are you passing as the string already has all the data why not pass the string directly to the next activity where you need?



you are calling testForEach outisde the for each

it will give only the final value

if you want each value try to make all the activities related to testForEach variable



In the loop he is appended



ok got it sorry for that

thanks everyone. the problem was solved

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