For Each with Body Factory


My requirement is to read and fetch the data in excel and copy the information in the web application (Consider Google contact for instance).
I am trying to use the activity “For Each Row”, but I could not find this in list of system activities.
I have only “For Each with Body Factory” activity and I am not sure how to use this to read each row in excel and type into web page.

Uipath Community Edition: 2020.4.1
Package Version: v20.4.0 ( I had tried in v19.11.2 but in Vain)


Hi @Sundar_Rajan_V,

It will be available in datatable activities.

Omkar P


Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, I could not see it under Data table activities. I have attached screen print of search result for “For Each” in activities:

Type foreach row


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