"For each" sequence with human decision point (Yes/No) for each sequence

What activity is the better option for the following task: I have a “For each” sequence which generates a statement for our clients. I would like a human to review and decide for each client (iteration) if the statement are to be send or not. Should I use an input dialog and and a flow decision or should I use a trigger activity for this?. Maybe a completely different approach is indicated?

There is the UiPath Action center where you can assign your business activity as an action and the human in charge can approve what can be sent. This is a human-in-the-loop solution.

For attended Automations you can write the records to an excel and have the automation deliver the report to the human supervisor.

The supervisor can update a column next to each row to approve which record must be processed.

The assistant can consume this report, check the approved column and process each item that’s been approved by the human.

The message box or input dialog solution of any kind will lock the human and machine too tightly and will not scale for large number of records.

Thanks AndyMenon.

I have opted for a message box and flow decision solution as of now as initially we think to have a human decide yes/no for every mail going out with the statements. However will look into letting logic decide this in the future based on observable criterion. So I am trying to loop through a sequence and a flowchart and getting some strange results som far but will keep trying :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update @Wernensis
Hope you find a resolution. :+1: :slight_smile: