Entering Data from excel into webtable

I’m having issues entering data into a web table, the data for the first column only feeds into the first cell under it while the others fill into their respective cells but not all the time.

Here’s the selector for the first column:
Please help


I didn’t see the selector you have pasted


Here it is:

webctrl idx=‘1’ parentid=‘ext-gen17’ tag=‘TABLE’ webctrl tableCol=‘3’ tag=‘TD’


Ok, can you scrape the selector for 2nd cell also, so that you can find the difference between selectors


for the second cell:
“webctrl idx=‘2’ parentid=‘ext-gen17’ tag=‘TABLE’ webctrl tableCol=‘3’ tag=‘TD’”

I have changed the value of idx from ‘1’ to ‘*’ to make it dynamic but i still get the same error


You need to make that as a counter variable and increment for that check below post for your reference

Make the Foreach index so that it will do the increment

Mark as solution if this helps


Okay! would try it out now

Hi @Srini84 i have tried to do what you have suggested but i’m getting the same result

Please help.