For each row typ into function

Good day,

I am building a robot which has to insert from an excel sheet A2:A300 the string into my Browser simultaneously it should insert the string from the same excel sheet B2:B300.
So with the first each row it insert A2 and B2
in the second execution A3 and B3.

My problem is now if I use For each row of the row A it does not counts with B.

My code looks like this:

The excel looks like this:

But it can´t write down Path because it not it owns Row.

I tried a for each loop in a for each loop but than the first value does not increase.

It has to be like a double for each… like for each IMONO and in the same time for each Weg
I don´t really know how to explain it…

Can someone assist me with it?
I need it as fast as possible.

Kind regards


I think it would be sufficient to use one Read Range activity and set the range from A1:B300 (Check the property Add headers if the first row is a header).
Now the data table should have both the columns.
You can use the foreach row loop and row(0).ToString - to get first column value in the row and row(1).ToString to get the second column value and proceed further.

It works perfectly! Thank you!

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