For each row stuck with 1 item only

Hey guys

Im currently doing advanced assignment and i want to loop through all my ID’s of my clients (WIID). But the thing is that i made a while-loop to repeat the process 15 times (because i have 15 clients to update) but somehow it only retreives the same WIID to paste in the browser to navigate to the clients informations and extract.

It is supposed to extract the next WIID in line (in excel) and post that in the browser and read THAT new clients information.


You should include your navigation sequence inside for each loop


I did but it still navigates with the same ID (370765)

don’t open browser again…put your for loop inside open browser. or send your code as we are not able to understand your issue.

You are probably right… it maybe destroys the loop when it open and closes the browser all the time. I will try and change it so it doesnt open/close but rather attach window

Hi @Ibra, where are you getting your WorkItemID variable?

attach window may also fail as it wll come with the different selector for different client. better try without that.
or send the selector of attach browser once if it fails.

Its an argument i created so i could invoke that in 2 different workflows.

@rahul599756 yeh i got like 10 different errors regarding the attach window activity…

This is my workflows:

Login to ACME → navigate to work items → extract necessery data and save to excel and filter →
open filtered excel file and get an ID from a for each row activity → paste that ID in a ‘navigate to’ activity →
extract that specific clients information and save to another sheet in excel → retrieve that ID and hash it →
return to ACME and paste that hashed clients ID to navigate to its information and update the work item →
and now we go back and read the filtered excel file with all the WIID’s and continue the process from there

And the problem is that it continue to read the FIRST WIID from the workflow…

The problem here is with your WorkItemID variable. It should be getting the ID from your DataTable(WIIDrows)

I have 2 navigationToClient workflows:

The 1st ones purpose: opens the filtered data with ALL the WIID’s and get an ID from there with a for each row
The other ones purpose: Opens the new sheet that contains the client information (client ID, country, name) and the that clients WIID and i use that WIID to go back to the clients details after i hashed all his information - to update his work item.

Security Hashing (1.0 MB)

So i ran debug to see what was going on and i found out that whenever the for each row activity runs then it goes through all the WIID’s rows and picks up the LAST row-item. Is there a way to tell me ‘get row’ activity to pick up rows from the start and continue down the line (e.g. A2->A3->A4->A5 etc…)

If you are working on assignment 1 or 2 I hope you are using REFramework

Yes i do but i couldnt follow the instruction 100% as it is very very confusing (not hard but confusing) so i changed the way to do it a bit.