How to change the cell number from excel sheet in specific range

Hello All,

We are trying to change the count number from excel rows to know where we left off in case the bot crash. Here is the example test excel

So what we are trying to do is .

In our web app, there’s an account number rows up 11 with multiple pages.
In one account number , there could be multiple reason such as incorrect name, no longer available, enough etc. or there could be only one reason. We are only doing actions for one reason, in this test case “Enough” is the only thing we have to complete. if that one reason is the only one we have to do we will do the action to finish the job and that account number row will be gone from the account page list. or if that account number has multiple reason, that account number will remain on the account list page.

So we don’t want to keep checking the row again if there’re no action that we have to finish as there won’t be “Enough” under the reason code and if the bot crash we will be keep checking it again.So we only want to check from where we left off when the bot restart. what we are trying to do is add the count for each row in excel file but if that account number have multiple reason we want to come back to this account number row and continue our actions…

here is what we are planning to do the counting. and that’s what we wanted it to be. I am sorry if my questions is not clear.

attached is the sample test data
testdata.xlsx (9.1 KB)


@ClaytonM could you take a look ? thanks

Can you send test excel file…
Just with 10 records…

updated the post. thanks you


I have a couple of suggestions.

Consider implementing a Queue. This would allow you to upload each row item at the start (if it’s not already in the Queue), then process each item only once. This does have a large learning curve in my opinion, though, if you are not that familiar with it.

Second suggestion is to add a column during the process to set a status to each row item in the Excel file. This will allow you to keep track from an external source (the Excel file) of where the robot is on processing each row item. The status column can be used to skip or filter items to only process the items it needs to.

You can also use a combination, so when you upload the items to the Queue, only upload the ones that need to be processed. Either way, however, you would need to check the Queue if it already is there before uploading it to the Queue, so it’s not necessarily required to even look at the status column. - In fact, I would even suggest not going by the status column when uploading to the Queue, in case you want to re-do an item by deleting it in the Queue… otherwise, you would need to also erase the status, which creates more manual work.


Hi @ClaytonM thanks for the reply and suggestion,

here is our idea to do the recovery,
In case bot crash/server down and restart the first we are thinking to use the Exist File path activity.
then if the excel file exist we filtered it by “Status” column and “Name” which will go directly to process of reframework instead of gettransaction. We are thinking to pass the counter value to the gettransaction status after process so that it will go directly to exactly same row to get the new data.

what’s the best way to pass the counter variable/value along with Transactionitem ?

we decided to ditch the key count from excel as it seem no needs for us.

Thanks you !