For Each Row activity with Invoke flow issue


I have question about when to use invoke flow and when/how to return to main flow back…


Im using 1 invoke in each 6 sequences on picure…
like this

Starting with reading Excel document from Excel file and then finding businnes partner by doing extract of ID using for each row … in this for each row i have an element exist and with if statement its diverting my for each to 2 different way… Then / Else…
If my element exist is true then i write the ID to a csv file which is good and when element does not exist I want it comes back to main file and read the next invoke flow Open Regulate Interest…

But problem is that Its not returning to main flow and it want that i pass Open Regulate by invoke in Else statement and then it expect all other flow which i want that it should follow from Main flow its not doing it. WHY??

Its working … when from Find business partner flow i invoke open regulate and from open regulate i invoke search interest and so on…

Is it a must to invoke the flow from one to other if I use For Each row loop and want to come back to new row id?
OR am I doing something wrong.

The reason I want to come back is so I have intereact with main file and not just invokes in whole project.

Kindly help

lets go one by one

we usually use INVOKE WORKFLOW FILE activity to pass the output of that particular workflow been invoked to anyother other workflow if needed or to get the input from some other workflow if needed then we need to use them
and it can pass its output to the MAIN.Xaml or to any other workflow with arguments of direction OUT and get that argument value with a variable defined globally in the MAIN.XAML so that the OUT argument value can used within MAIN xaml whenever needed

and for this

then we need to check with the condition whether the value validated is correct or not
@Latif (8.6 KB)

condition and value both is working… means its loop through on Then side if exist is true and if wrong then on Else side… but If i do not put invoke flow in else statment then its looping again to next ID … weather I want its go to main flow and read the sequence open regulate which has invoke.
Act i created each big step in small processes so i can find the error.

Kindly check the flow

You didt anwer on my other Argument passing issue… do you have skype so we can talk on that issue or youtube channel?

i need to check with the workflow buddy
sorry thats why wasnt able to reply @Latif