For each in excel


I want to set the data in a web from the excel input data. Here I have 2 excel sheets. In 1st sheet I have some data and I need to get the Ticket number for specific data from 2nd sheet.and need to pass the Ticket value first in the web then I need to set the values from 1st sheet. I used 2 Read ranges and For each row in data table and also Lookup data table. I am able to set the data for 1st iteration but not for the rest of iterations. Please help me


Hi @raju_alakuntla

In ForEach properties declare a variable for Index let’s say Index as variable

For set the data use Assign activity inside the For each and write as below

dt.Rows(Index).Item(“ColumnName”) = “YourValue”

Hope this may help you


we need to set the data based on the Jumper number.

In the excel we have different jumpers for each data

hi @raju_alakuntla

If the data between sheet 1 and sheet 2 is having a one to one mapping and a common column, please use a join first and then use the loop to enter the data onto your WebPage.