"For Each File in Folder" Activity unavailable

I’ve read about the above mentioned activity here: https://docs.uipath.com/activities/docs/for-each-file-x
It says it’s part of UiPath.Core.Activities
but there’s also a link saying that this pack has been split into System and UIAutomation packs.

Both of the packs are installed but i can’t access this activity. Has this been dropped in the mean time? Or is it somewhere else? How to find it?

PS. I know i can do the same with directory.getfiles but I’m interested in this particular activity this time.

Any hints would be appreciated :slight_smile:

It is for StudioX. Was you expecting that it is available for a NON StudioX Edition?

Great, thanks! I guess I’ll read about the differences between those two then :slight_smile:

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