For Each File in Folder activity cannot be found, package does not show to be added


Being trying to locate the For Each File in Folder activity mentioned in the UIPath Guides, however I cannot find it and when trying to add the package is also not found

here the link to the UIPath Guide that refers to that action

can you please let me know if this is still available or in a different package

thanks in advance!

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Give a try on adjusting the activity filter:

It is a StudioX activity


That´s the issue!, I don´t have Studio X


screenshot was done with UiPath Studio Pro a Non StudioX Edition
please give try and let us know which edition / Version You are using. Thanks


How are looking the filter options at your end?

Isn’t StudioX packages available in Studio 20.10.x?

@luis.chiarodriguez You can create your own for each file in folder:

Use for each. Paste directory.getFiles("path to your folder") to it. Choose type argument as string.

Inside for each you will have items that are paths to each file in that folder.

refer to screenshot, it is part of the UiPath.System.Activities the same package used in Studio / Studio Pro. It’s a question of filtering the activities. I did use following:
So still with this Version 19.X.X it was possible to create the screenshots

The docu screenshots shows the filter option at least on version 2020.4:

But as you mentioned with a for each iterating over directory.getFiles… result similar can be achieved.

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Activities filter looks like this


On the packages, I see v21.4.0 for the system activities

And when looking for “for each” only this comes out