For each Array of String and Get all matches and save it to Array


I have an array of string I got from a regex expression from a PDF file I read via OCR.
This is the example array of string:

1023456 7/12/2022 45.01 0.00 45.01
1023367 7/12/2022 90.01 10.00 80.01
1023334 7/12/2022 90.00 100.00 -10.0

I would like to get the 10(\d{5}) using matches. I tried using for each but because of the different types of pdf format, the module is getting too slow. Is there any way I can do for each string of array and regex match it using assign activity?


Hello @wonderingnoname

Can you please give more clarity.

Are you trying to get the values as below?