EXtract Data from PDF and write to excel

Hello all,

i’m working on an activity to extract data from a PDF and insert it in an excel file.

I’m in the first step… i’m trying to read data with regex from a PDF and now i’m trying to write result in a log message…

for that i’m using :slight_smile:

  1. “READ PDF Text” with pdf file name
  2. “Matches” and cofnigured regular expression
    an put the result in “OutputResult” variable
  3. Write Line with:

But I get “Write Line: Object reference not set to an instance of an object”…

I don’t understand what is the issue…

Coud you help me please?

HI @Luca09

If you used Matches you need to use like

Expression(0) to get the first match

If you used match you use .Value or .ToString



As per the error either your matches activity is not giving any output or is not matching any data …

The error says that the variable you are trying to use is null or is not initialized…

Please check the same


Thanks @Anil_G

there was an error in the REGEX expression… fixed and not i get the result :slight_smile:

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