For each activity is getting the first row only

Hi, I am using for each activity. Under For each activity, it has 2 conditions. If it passes through them, then check if the row have this line then do a sequence for it.

By right, it is suppose check through all the rows in datatable(correct me if i am wrong). But in my workflow, It apparently checks only the first row of the datatable. As the line, I am checking is in the second row of the datatable. But in the output it passes as there is no such line. I have attached screenshots of my workflow.

Thank you xoxo

Disable the second for each and write line data in first for each Im sure it is running for each row, if it is doing so then you must check if conditions once again

I tried it’s only getting the first line

My conditions are correct and passes correctly.

Any suggestions on what I can do about it?

How many rows are there for first loop?

This has one row
This has one row

I found the error. Under read range, I put as A2:F2 when was trying out.

Sorry :sweat_smile:

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