Folders and dll's in Temp folder are not cleaned up

I am running an unattended robot. The robot itself is running fine, but I noticed that a lot of folders and dll’s are getting created in the folder %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Temp during execution of an automation.

The problem is that these files and folders are not removed after the automation has finished, which leads to a disk that is running out of space.

Does anyone know what the issue here might be?

Was there ever a resolution on this issue? We are having what seems to be the same problem. We are running Studio v2020.10.2

Short answer: I don’t know. I reported the issue through a UiPath contact and he filed the issue internally. He reported that it was a bug and had to do with the project being a C# project. The project that I was working on was a proof of value. Once that was finished I only used VB. I never got feedback if it was resolved.

I am curious though, is your project using C# as well?

No, we are using vb for all our projects. Are you saying the issue went away when you stopped using C#?

Not necessarily. It was the only project using C#. I just never had the issue with VB projects.