Get rid of Temporary files

Hi guys.I have a problem with my bot.Whenever i’m running the bot,it is creating some temporary files in the folder in which the .xaml file is stored.Can anybody help me to find the reason for this.


What type of files BOT is creating ? Have you used any activity to create files in your workflow ?

Could you please share more details to check it.

I’m not creating any files.I’m opening the excel using excel application scope,Opening skype application,extract the data from the skype and writing the data into the excel.That’s it.


Could you please share me screenshot of that Temp. files created by BOT ?

Any solution for this type of issues?
It happens the same to me. During the workflow when an excel application scope opens an “xlsx” file, a new temporal xaml is created and the execution stops saying that file was not found(i checked and path is correct)