Folder reference under Actions in Action Center

Hi UiPath team,

First of all, Thank you for your continuous efforts in bringing out improvements in your products :slight_smile:

Today I am here to share 1 observation and recommendation with you.

As part of exploring Action Center, we came across below observation.

User A has Action-Admin user access in Folder 1 and Action-User access in Folder 2. Different tasks are created by running action process in both the folders. Now both multiple actions are available in action center for admin/user to action.

Now when that user logs in to Action Center, go to Actions, he/she will be able to manage all actions for folder(having admin access) but wont be able to do so for folder(having user access) which is appropriate.

During this testing, what we felt missing was a folder reference under Actions section. If there is an option or filter to select/show actions per folders to which that user have access to, would be great as it would help user just focus on the task and not get lost in figuring out which action belong to which folder.

There is a folder reference under Processes section which gives a better view, likewise, something similar under Actions would also help a great deal.

Looking forward to hearing back your inputs on same.


Hi @sonaliaggarwal47
Thanks for the feedback.
Our attempt was to abstract folders for business users as much as possible as folders typically represent an org setup and are IT driven for user access etc.
Hence we did not start with a folder centric view but a cross folder view where user need to navigate ‘n’ number of folder hierarchies to view actions within them…
And we ensure that we surface/list actions only from folders where the current user has Actions permissions - “My Actions” . Even for an admin, “My actions” will list actions from all folders where they have just “user access” through just Actions permissions .
Admin users who have “Action assignment permission” would see all actions they are eligible to handle from “Manage Actions” view.
So at any point, users will not see actions that they are not supposed to handle.

However, if your ask is for better filtering, prioritization, categorization of Actions, do you think Action Catalog could be used? We have added filter also based on Action catalogs.
We have folder reference in the ‘Action Summary’ view , but this info is kept one level below - start with action, review for further details than start from a folder view…

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Hi @Liji,

Thank you so much for your inputs.

And its good to hear that filter for “Action catalogs” is already used - this was going to be my next question :slight_smile: as currently there is no reference/connection of Action catalogs between orchestrator and Action center, its simply left on orchestrator.
However, I think “Action catalogs” may not help much in these scenarios as “Action catalogs” can have same names across folders, right?

It is also good to know that “Folder reference” is added in Action summary view :slight_smile:

Let’s take this via scenario…
I am thinking from a scenario - User A has “Action - user” role in 2 folders and “Action - Admin” in 3 folders(say).

Now view would be something like below in Action center for user A(please correct if my understanding is wrong):

  • Under “My Actions”, user A will only see actions from 2 folders where he/she have “Action - user” role.

  • Under “Manage my Actions”, user A will only see actions from 3 folders where he/she have “Action - Admin” role.

Now, if user A wants to assign actions from Folder 1 to user B , Folder 2 to user C and folder 3 to user D and rest all to himself/herself where he/she is a user.

Herein, user A has to go through each and every action’s summary to know which folder that Action belongs to to assign it to an appropriate user (which is a little extra work in our view).

But if there is a filter also for “Folders”, user can simply go to manage my actions, select respective folder from “Folder” filter and assign all shown actions to user B without any cross verification on folder name repeatedly.

If not filter, then may be if there is something like below(which is there is case of processes tab) also can help where in right above “Action name” under Actions, there is a "Folder name: " reference for a quick view.