Create The Folders In action Center

Hi team

I have multiple Process Which is Running And Creating The actions

below are The questions
1)is there any Way To create Folders Inside Action centre?
2)is There any if Folders are Created then give access To specific People For particular Folder?
3)development how to push The Action To that Particular Folder

Hi @harsha.r,

There is no provision currently to be able to create folders in action center.
This is how it works:

  1. Processes tab in Action center-- this tab displays all processes from the folders(as defined on orchestrator) that you have access to. So processes you see there are classified per folders as it is in orchestrator. But you can’t create new folders in here, it inherits those details from orchestrator.

  2. Actions tab in Action center – this tab allows you to control the actions related to the tasks created in action center. And these tasks can be classified in 3 buckets (unassigned,pending,completed) per their action status. But you can’t create any else folders in here.

Now to differentiate between actions from different processes, you can do few of the following things:

  1. Attach process name to your action name when creating action so when you are viewing that action you can directly infer which process created this.
  2. Access to these actions can be controlled via creating different roles and assigning those roles to the folders in orchestrator where process will be deployed and running.
  3. Also there is a concept of action catalogs which can be used to differentiate processes within a folder itself. You can create different action catalogs for different processes.

For more details, please go through below documentations:

Hope this helps.