How to checky folder if present or not

I have a requirement where I need to check a folder if not create it

I am new to this can anyone explain me

Hi @Darren_Shaw

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so to achieve these we have activities avaialble in uipath

so in activities check for an activity called path exist kindly use that
so the output of that will be a boolean value, if result is false use create folder activity to create new one

hope this helps

Hi @nikhil.girish

Thanks for instant reply, can you share me the workflow if possible

Sure @Darren_Shaw

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Its just a 2 step activity , let me know if you are stuck @Darren_Shaw


Hi @Darren_Shaw,

There is an activity called Path Exists activity to find whether a Folder/File exists or not.
Alternatively, you can use this line of script to check if the Directory exists:


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Thanks guys @nikhil.girish @ashwin.ashok

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