Folder change while debugging in studio

Hi Team,

Whenever we debug a workflow in studio and execution if stops because of incorrect folder selection in studio, we need to stop the bot and then change the folder in studio, as that option gets disabled.

Instead if we can change the folder even while debugging it would save some time
Else we need to stop and start the workflow execution from the beginning again


Hey @Palaniyappan

For this as a workaround, I would say we can provide the folder path as well to the activity.

Also just my thoughts, changing the folder path while in debug mode may be a bit tougher one as it requires synchronization between orchestrator and studio at runtime.


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Yeah but this folder synchronisation is done through robot to orchestrator
As bot is connected anyhow while running in debug mode it would be easy if we can change folder without stopping the bot

Cheers @Nithinkrishna

Thank you for your feedback. Might be tricky to implement, but it is now tracked in our internal tracker to be considered for future versions.

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