Flow decision

Hello everyone I hope you are very well.

You can help me I have a workflow to download an Excel file of Outlook what I need is that when I do not find the mail with this file this consulting every so often if the email arrives with the specific file


this is what I have when I find the mail no problem the program runs but when the mail is not there is an error is not entering the delay part

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May i know what is the flow decision condition been written buddy


I have tried with these

messages.Count = nothing

messages.Count > 0

messages.Count <> 0

but it does not work or stays in the loop and does not download the file or generates error

Can i see the xaml buddy if possible


I have this in the condition is that it failsFlowchart.xaml (14.9 KB)


buddy its not like it didn’t enter the delay activity it went but you will be able to notify it so i just added a writeline activity before delay to convey that it has entered the delay part

like this

Hope this would help you


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Thanks for your help but then then I leave the condition as it was or change