How to go ahead with Else part

I have created one automation where first activity is to read the Excel file. if Excel file don’t have any data then BOT need to send the mail to user and if there is any data then go ahead the further process.
So in my case Else part is not working, actually i don’t know ho to connect for next activity.
please suggest.

Continue with Else Part issue.7z (31.5 KB)

Just try reading the data and check if the datatable.rows.count is greater than zero or not. So, you can do the required in the then condition and send mail activity in else condition.

You don’t need to think anything here, just drag and drop the required activity in else part

Hi @nm09011985,

Check the flow chart, you will get some idea to implement the same.
Flowchart.xaml (8.2 KB)