Flow decision: Debugging in studio - stops working

Hi Together,

while debugging the flow decision suddenly stopped working. At first everything is fine but then it always goes to “false” despite what I entered beforehand or in the decision.

Here for example Item_pruefen = true (boolean) and it goes to false -.-
I am using the latest updgrade of studio and activities.


Just put boolean variable in your flow decision: (Item_pruefen)

No need to compare it like this: Item_pruefen = true (boolean)

Hope this helps.

Hi, thank you for your reply!
Both should work. Usually, I often even use string = “”.

But the issue here is that there is a bug and the flow decision does not work at all.
I did as you suggested and it is the same. Although it is true it flows to false.

Hi @PeCour

In Flow decision change the Syntex to Item_Pruefen only. If the condition is true it will automatically went to True transition. Try in this way and check the condition is satisfying or not.

Hope it helps!!

Yaa, for string that works, however for Boolean it results in a true/false value which it directly takes.

If its still failing can i suggest you to do this in a new workflow or xaml and then try.

If still not doesnot work upgrade your System. Activities package.


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Hi, thanks for the reply.
no, it does not make a difference. As mentioned before, I did try it out and it was the same.

Hi, thanks for the reply.
Upgrading the activities did not work.

Copying the project and creating a new XAML works out. But I won’t mark it as solution, since my point is that there is a bug. It should be the aim of UiPath to detect bugs and solve them.

It is seldom but not the first time that happened to a project. If you use version control, you lose all the git entries. So copying the workflow is not always without problems.

Hey can you open that xaml through a text editor and compare it with the new one if you see any anamoly.


Sorry I deleted the old XAML already :see_no_evil: But you are right. I should have done that. Next time!