Tell the difference on very identical strings

Hello all! I have a string that contains “FR AG24151”, “FR TH12556”, “FR 15512GGG” and “FRONTRUTE MONT”

I then have 2 flow decisions

1 = if var.startswith FR = true
other says if var = FRONTRUTE MONT = true

problem its that it cant tell differene sometimes it thinks that FRONTRUTE MONT are the FR vars and the other way . Any idea =?

@langsem Which are the Strings that you don’t want it to be resulted in True?

as u see its 4 strings, 1 category of strings its all with FR then category 2 its the one and only FRONTURE MONT

want they to be triggered on each dec flow

@langsem why don’t you try equals condition with this value ?

Like I said above, I already have this, but the first flow decision mixes this up and thinks that FRONTRUTE MONT its the same variable as FR

Hi @langsem

So you can do by following 2 unique conditions :-

For the String that startsWith “FR”

item.ToString.StartsWith(“FR”) And (item.ToString.Trim.Split(" "c)(0).Length).Equals(2)

For the String that is Equal to “FRONTRUTE MONT”

item.ToString.Equals(“FRONTRUTE MONT”)

Below is the workflow for the same :-
MainPratik.xaml (8.9 KB)

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Thanks will check it out!

Could you switch the two statements around, so the FRONTRUTE MONT is first? Then it should never come to the second decision if the variabel is equal to that.

nah cant

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