Flow decision comparing double variables


need some advice. i am using flow decision activity to compare 2 variables.

their values are the same. but it keeps reponding the other way.

i attached the message box of the output. the words “Total =” is assigned. followed by the different variables

pls help

Can you please attach the rest of your workflow so we can see the decisions and flow

It seems like the first total is followed by “,” so please try, “Total=”+VAR1.replace(“,”,string.empty)


For now, can you try to compare them using ToString(“G17”) like yourDoubleVariable.ToString("G17") ?


Hey @wilfred !! Are you sure ambar variables are of the same type? Try converting everything again to double and then compare.


Hope it helps!


thank you for assisting…
i resove it by converting to string in the flow decision condition
CStr(variable1) = Cstr(variable2)

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