Flipkart Data Scraping Issue

While scraping data on the Flipkart site after searching for Pendrive, the data scraping activity returns only the first 4 rows and not all the results on the first page. The maximum number of results is set to zero.
I want results only for the first page. Can anyone please help?

Hello @Ashish_Verma,

You just complete the extract wizard and when you run flow you will get all data.


I tried but it is not showing any results in output.
Please find my workflow here.Main.xaml (12.0 KB)

Inspection with Webtools or UiExplorer will show you.

From the Div with class * col-12-12 it retrieves the 4 items. As this div is understood as entry and the items are used for retrieval there is no iteration to the next div *col-12-12

In such case it helps

  • to dynamize the retrieval on the div *col-12-12

  • or configuring the retrieval on iterating over the div col-12-12 and retriving the 4 row items with alternate approaches

  • combination with find children for doing the data scrapping


Peter I understood the issue here but the resolution is not clear to me. Could you please elaborate more?

Screenshot was produced by configuring the extractor to col1: Row 1 Item 1, Row2 Item 1 …
But let us do one thing. Just name or share a screenshot with marked info you want to retrieve from 1 Article. Based on this we can check the available options for a retrieval strategy. Thanks

Did you find a solution?