Flexicapture Classifier Problem

I am developing a Uipath Process that uses Abbyy-compatible activities with SDK License. and I am facing a problem.

In my process, One file composed of multiple Portfolio holdings from various stock firms should be classified by stock firms and extract the data.

I have made all the flexilayout of the firms and tested it many times in document definition. and it worked.

But, in Uipath, I have made taxonomy and tried to classify properly but it does not work.

So, for the test, I splitted the file one document by on document and processed it separately. So they were recognized well!

But, This is not the method that I wanted, because this can’t be realized in RPA. It was just for the test.

I think this is not Header/Footer Issue.

is there a possible configuration in Flexicapture to handle this problem???

I think this is similar to my problem.