Abby FlexiCapture Classifier (part of IntelligentOCR) not working in UiPath Studio

Hello, I created a classifier in FlexiLayout Studio and it is working fine there (successfully classifying docs). However, using the classifier in UiPath Studio is always resulting in “unknown” given that I am testing it on the same training & validation set used in FlexiLayout Studio. Anyone faced this issue before?

Hope this helps,

I have not tried it, I have relied completely on abbyy flexi layout and project station and then stored the data in database and extracted using UiPath,

please give it a try by following this link and let us know if this helps,

Even I have not tried this, I will also give a try,

Thank you for giving a thought for me to look into this new feature with the custom activity built to interact abbyy with UiPath.

Pavan H

Thank you @pavanh003 for sharing this. I am already aware of what you shared but this is used in case you are using “Distributed Version of Abby”. In my case, I am using the FlexiCapture Engine SDK, which do not need this connector. You just need to install the FlexiCapture Engine and directly you can use IntelligentOCR activities.

Did anyone encounter this problem so far??