ABBYY Flexi capture problems

Hi all,

Could you please help to tell me what 's meaning of the classifierfile?


I 've already install the abbyy flexicapture and create an classifier project, I got an folder as below:


which one if the classifierFile? Auto&DT.fcp or Auto&DT.fct? and how about the DefinitionFiles?

do you have any example files(*.xaml) can share with me ?

Thanks in advance.

@Gabriel_Tatu Hi Could you please kindly help to solve this problem?

I’m not at the office today, if you can hold on until tomorrow i will gladly help you. Thank you.

Much appreciate.

@Gabriel_Tatu Hi,could you plz help to solve the problem I mentioned before?

Thanks in advance.

so, for Classify document you ll need to input a .cfl file generated with Abbyy tools.

Thanks!do u have any examples of the Abbyy tools,an xaml file,I could learn from it. I still dont know what i need to fill in the next blank (the classify template)I added the a path in this line,but meet an error.

Hello Gabriel, can you provide the working feed for the newest version of UiPath flexiCapture activities?
Do you also have any tutorial - how to use those activities? My case: I created afl file (Flexi Layout Studio). I know how to import it and create document definition (Fexi Capture Administration Station). It works on Standalone version, but I don’t know to export those document definitions and use them in UiPath (as FlexiCapture template files). Do you have any tutorial/suggestion? Thanks in advance.

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Hi everyone,
Would you know how can I get the FlexiCapture template files? Is it necessary to download the abbyy flexicapture?

Hello, is there any documentation about how to use this new feature please.

Do you know how to fix it ?

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Did you get any lead on this? Pretty much stuck in the same place as you were.

I Skip using it and Created my own custom activity using ABBYY Engine.




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Can someone please help me ,with inputs fields "Classifierfiles " and “Definitionfile”.

“Classifierfiles” = you need to create a template on flexi studio and export to be this extention *.cfl
“DefinitionFile” = you need to create a template on flexi studio and export to be this extention *. fcdot






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Please contact me PM If someone need skill to create Classifierfiles and DefinitionFile.


How do I create classifier file or definition file from ABBYY FlexiLayout Studio 12?