Fixed length for random number generation


I need to create a 4 digit random number, however when I used new random().Next(0000,9999) this also generated results such as 123/ 25. I need it to start with 0123 or 0025 - to get 4 digits. Any idea how to do this? I tried formatvalue but that does not seem right.

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Have another variable make it constant with what number you need then Concatenate it with actual generated

var Const = 0123

and new random().Next(00,99)


Hi @donutlearns,

Your question seems to be interesting, i have tried this and got the result.

The one thing i did was i have generated random number from 0000-9999 and took the resulted value concatenated with β€œ0000” to the left.

and finally i used substring and took last 4 digit number.

I think this is what you were looking at.


Random number-23
concatenate string-0000


Final result=0023

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P.S- If you require a solution workbook please ping me.


I have attached a working solution.

.Random.xaml (6.0 KB)

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Thanks @kantheshm

I did not think of it this way! Nice.

Thanks @Anusha_Makam

This is exactly right! Awesome!

I think @Anusha_Makam has tried my logic and got right,
Appreciate it.

Hi @donutlearns,

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i am using random function {"new random().next(1,100) " } ,but it’s generated duplicate numbers ? please help me

my requirement is " excel file column A is their 100 values " so robot take the random value from column A ?


Padleft should be able to help.

new random().Next(0,9999).ToString.padleft(4,CChar(β€œ0”))

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