new Random().Next() not working as expected

Hi Friends,

i need to select a value from a range of 1 to 5 randomly.

i tried below method

new Random().Next(1,5)

it works but the problem is randomly showing 1 to 4 only not 5.

could anyone helps me to solve this issue.

Lenin KR


As per the given values,

next(1,5), In VB or C# whatever it is, if you give the arguments as 1,5… then 1 will be included in the class and 5 is excluded. So, it will give from 1 and 2 and 3 and 4. So, if you want to include 5 as well, increase the second argument to 6. That will help

Let me know if it works

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You were almost done
It should be like
new Random().Next(6)

Cheers @Leninkraj

Thank you very much Hareesh :slight_smile:

but is there any otherway becuase the second argument is coming from a variable of total count of row in a excel sheet.

Thanks in advance

Thanks Palani :slight_smile:

but the problem is “6” is parameter and is the total count of rows in a excelsheet

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Usually Random method has many overload with different number arguments it can take
For more information in that In detail this could help you

And the one u used is argument like
Random(min, max)
The one I mentioned is
Random(range) which will give any random number less than the mentioned one
Cheers @Leninkraj

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Then, while assigning, give it as variable + 1 @Leninkraj

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I am not able to use random function for the range between 0.00 to 360.00,
I mean, I want to use "new random().next(0.00,360.00) for the range between 0.00 to 360.00.