FirstRun Reading Config File

Hi Everyone,
Can Any one help with my doubt.

As in Re Framework , In INITIALIZATION State : If Config File is Nothing then First Run is Executed rite and reads data from Config File…

My Question is After reading config file, First Run is Excetued first when config file is nothing.
So , If I make any changes to Config File After First Run is Executed, will Config be read again.

I need to read Config file again because of my changes added to Config file.

Thanks in Advance for helping me.

You could just update the dictionary. Then, during runtime, you don’t need to read the config again, cause the dictionary with the settings will have the updated value.

If you do need to update the config file, though, no problem. Just update the dictionary and file. Since you update the dictionary, then you don’t need to read the config file again.

Does that make sense?


Thank you Clayton.

But Don’t know where i need to update in Dictionary.
Can u Please help me.

Examples of changing the config dictionary can be found in the Init Settings workflow.

Config("setting") = newValue

So you can do something like that using an Assign activity, where “setting” is the cell value in the left column of your config file.

You would do this anywhere you would want to change the config data. However, keep in mind if you invoke a workflow where you change it inside that workflow, you will need to change the direction of the argument to IN/OUT, so it can return the value back to the Main workflow.

Does that answer your question?


U mean Config(“Name”) = newValue.

Thank you Clayton

The value in the “Name” column is placed in the parentheses:

Config("OrchestratorQueueName") = newValue

For more info on how the config file is stored into the config dictionary, you can look over the Init All Settings workflow.

If your project gets, for example, the orchestrator queue name while it running (either by using an Argument or from another file) then you could reassign the value to the “OrchestratorQueueName” as presented above, after you invoke the InitAllSettings workflow.

If your project only gets it from the config file before it runs, then you don’t need to do this, because it will already have that value stored in the config dictionary.


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I dont think is a good practice to be changing this config file from the actual processes that uses them…

Ok, Thank u Clayton.

Will Follow. Thank u for the suggestion.