Change the argument value in the config file

I have a variable ‘run’ in the config file.
i want to change the value of the ‘run’ variable for every execution to keep the track of the number of executions by the bot.
Does anyone know how to do this?


Did you try creating a loop ? using the activity “assign” run you assign RUN + 1 to your variable Run ?
During first run the value will be 1 then 2 …

@AditiGandhi hope it helps

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@VDEBAC even after increamenting the value of ‘run’,wont it be the same for every execution at the beginning.

I want the number of times the bot has been executed in a day. So i have created ‘run’ which gives me the count.The excel file from which the bot is reading values has the name ‘output_excelV1’ where 1 is the count of bot execution. So after the first run few modifications are made in ‘output_excelV1’ and is saved as ‘output_excelV2’. So for the second run bot automatically picks data from ‘output_excelV2’ as the r’un’ value will be 2. But i dont know how to change the run value

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In that case, you can read a cell in your config_file. As the name you want is always in the same place.
Get the text, then use a “.substring” to get only the number you want.
Assign this value to your “run” then at the end, you can change the value of this cell in your config file to “run + 1”

Does it make sense ? :sweat_smile:


@VDEBAC yeah this works
Thank you!

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