First release: Setup UiPath CLI for GitHub Actions

I just wanted to share the first release on the GitHub Marketplace for setting up the uipcli command line tool for CI/CD operations in GitHub Actions, available here:

With this tool you expose uipcli to your GitHub Actions runner, which enables various CI operations on your UiPath projects. Including performing workflow analysis, running test cases, packing and deploying to Orchestrator.

For some examples on how to utilize this, see my other repos on the Mikael-RnD organization:


Hey @manderss

This is awesome. Thanks for sharing :slightly_smiling_face::+1:



Excellent Mikael :smiley:

Just put up another action on the marketplace. This one scans all project.json files in a repository and checks their dependencies to see if there are any “beta” or “alpha” versions of library dependencies to determine if the process should be published to production or not. Since no uipcli commands are needed for this it is compatible with Ubuntu runners, unlike the other actions from Mikael-RnD.

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