Firefox error after several runs of the process

Hi all,

I have a process that uses Firefox and after several executions (5 or 6), then a Firefox pop-up will come up “Open Firefox Troubleshoot mode”:


To close Firefox, I use a Kill process at the Init (REFramework template per ususal), a Kill process before login to the application (it’s a specific library) and a Kill process at the end of the process to close it.

This happens when the robot opens the browser and there is another tab that says “restore sessions”. It appears after one system exception, and in the kill before the login, it doesn’t seems as the process close firefox properly.

Is there anyway to close firefox in a more “gentle” way? Because I have no idea what else to do to close it and avoid this issue.

Kind regards,e

Well, well, mystery solved!

The problem was indeed the KILL PROCESS. Apparently, Firefox doesn’t like Kill processes. First you should try Close Application or Close Window because if your robot runs very often and you end with a kill, for Firefox that’s a crash and it enters in troubleshoot mode.

Hope this helps others!

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