Firefox keeps crashing

Hi all, I am still new to uipath, but built a couple of minor processes, mainly using web activities. Everything seems to work fine, but almost on a daily basis Firefox crashes (stops responding) which in turn causes the entire process to stop as it fails.

Do any of you perhaps know of a workaround?
Screenshot of Firefox error:image


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What framework you are using?

If you are doing n number of transactions without closing firefox, then you have to close the firefox after certain number of transactions and then continue.

Use the kill process actvity, before starting the actual process…

Hi Sarathi, thank you for your reply. I am using Studio 2019.4.4 and run a couple of transactions (about 10) closing and reopening Firefox after each one.

Hey @HenricoW

Why are you closing and opening the browser after each and every transaction? Can’t you try processing all the transactions while the browser is open… So that you only open once, and close once after all the transactions are processed

Hi Manish, appreciate your feedback. Can you please help explain how to use this?
Do I just type Firefox.exe in the below?

Yes, I can - the reason I built it this way is to allow to stagger the process in future (make it easy for me to control how many transactions to run before moving on to the next process in line)

You have to give the process name as “firefox”

Hi all, just want to thank you for your advise. seems to have fixed the issue.

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