Finding some words in a sentence

Hii, Please help ASAP!!!

I have a sentence one sentence in one variable: var_string=“A high marks is Milestone”
and i have one more variable Var2_string=“Milestone”

I want to check whether value of Var2_string is present in var_string or not.

I used in if condition
but I am getting false result

Please help

Hi @Doonline

Try Var_String.ToString.Contains(Var2_String)


Bro, I used that only its not working

Hello @Doonline

I think there may be letters in captial letters. So you have to first convert to upper or lower case and then use contains to resovle the case issue.


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Hi ,
Contains is case sensitive.May be you can try

converted then also getting false result

test.xaml (6.0 KB)

Please check following example

Hi @Doonline ,

if you finding words come from end try below function



Hi @Doonline ,

This should be a Simple comparison operation using .Contains method along with .Trim/.ToLower.

For Deeper understanding of the situation, you could check by performing a Debug or using a Write Line Activity on the string values and observing it’s data there.

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