String manipulation - comparison

Str1 = “I want to renew my company products listed in salesforce and the products are OKwyu switch, MDYUI - Modem and AccessStack”

Str2 (saved in notepad - there are several words like this)

now i need to compare str1 and str2 if any words there it should match and output must be true. For example renew is present in str1 and str2 so it is true. Could anyone please give me idea to complete this.

Contains, equals looking for exact word but i need to match the string from a sentence like above.


Read the notepad content into a string - S2.
Split the S2 by new line - sArray contains array of strings.
In For each Loop of sArray
if s1.Contains(item)
returns true

Hi @KarthikByggari

My notepad already has string split and attached it for your (259 Bytes)

Why should i split when the string is already split in the notepad. Also it displays in message box how it is arranged in notepad when i checked how the strings are displayed by the bot. I am not able to understand clearly

For each Loop of sArray
if s2.Contains(item) - this item is the word to be given as input for comparison ( It can be like “I want to renewy my techno products listed in the salesforce and my product is PCx Ji8383”
returns true

It contains around 50 words

Please check this workflow.
Main.xaml (10.0 KB)


Hi @KarthikByggari

Thank you. Got it completed

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