I would like to compare string

i would like to compare string
how to do it?

Hi @bentchikou3,

Can you share details? What array do you have and what do you want to compare it to?


@bentchikou3 what contain of comparison required?

If you want to check whether a string is present in another string you can use contains.

Else you can is condition to compare the string.

if(var.equals(var2)) or if(var1==var2)

Thank you man i have this value in excel

and i would like to compare it to value from this web site

i used Contains

i used this but there is an error SitewebValeur.ToString.Contains.(“DomainExcelValeur”)

i hope “SitewebValeur” is a variable that is holding some string value and the output of the expression should be a boolean output.

What is the error that you are getting?

could you tell me how to take a capture of an error please

it ik this one is without error

thank you for the help

yourfirststring.trim.tolower = seccondstring.trim.tolower

Hello i face the same issue i can display correctly the 2 strings but even if they are equal when i apply this string1.trim.tolower = string2.trim.tolower or String1.ToString.Contains(String2.ToString) i have a boolean false as a result please help me i am working on it since friday thanks