Finding all links in a web page to check the validity


I have to Navigate to each page in a website and identify and navigate to the child links inside them.The child links can be present anywhere ,under various tabs etc.
I need to click on each link to see if it is working.
Please suggest how do we do it.
PS:Tried data extraction but it did not work.Find child elements is not returning anything


Hello @mudit,
You could try to get website source and keep it as string and with use of Regex or Substring search for elements having “http” or “www” inside html link code.

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Hi Pablito,

Appreciate your response.
Could you please provide me with a simple example to explain the case.


You need to install additional package UiPath.Web.Activities then use HTTP Request activity from it.
(I will show example based on site):
Then go to Response tab
Mark to download source and choose path
This will save you a file with full source of website with all links inside of it:

Now you can get this file with Read Text File activity and assign everything into string and using Regex or Substring you can get each http site one by one :slight_smile:

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I am not taking about a single web page.I am saying i enter a website that span across 20 pages.Each page has almost 100 links available under various sections.Can this be done through this ?

You can just get links based on what I showed you and then with use of those links navigate to each subpage/website and again get source and so on.

I tried by using HTTP request activity with GET method. Below is the error message I received:

HTTP Request: A required privilege is not held by the client.

Please help me out.