Find the postion of text


Need to find a particular text position of an image. (X,Y,HEIGHT,WIDTH)

For e.g., in an id card image i need to find the text position of the text “Name”

Hi @Manikandasamy follow this documents

Find Text Position (

HI @Manikandasamy

Check out this activity
Get position in the package uiautomation



Hi, Am trying to find the text position through backend.

For e.g, i have loaded a image using Load image activity. Now i need to find the position of the particular text from it.

Hi @Manikandasamy ,

Maybe you could try Checking out with Some OCR’s available as it provides the Result Output, which should contain a Dictionary of words and it’s Positions.

Let us know if you were able to achieve this.

Thanks for the reply. Yes am able to extract the position of the text with it.

However its extracting the position for each word.

For e.g, If i need a position for “ID NAME” from the image, the ocr result is providing me the result as {X,Y,Width,Height} separately for “ID” and “NAME”.

Its considering it as two separate words. Can we find the position together or is there any way we can search the position for particular text from the ocr results?

@Manikandasamy ,

Maybe a better observation could be done using the Output Result in the Form of Json, Meaning that we would need to Check After we encounter ID word, we need to Check if the word NAME is the right next word/Key in the Dictionary. In this way we should be able to pinpoint the location by taking the ID’s position as the Starting position.

Thats exaclty am doing now. But the robot is taking time.

Is there any way to find the position of ID and Name without for each.